How To Create Subscription/Recurring Invoice on Web?

To Create Subscription/Recurring Invoice please follow the below mentioned steps:

Step 1. Go to Sales and select Subscriptions.

Now, click on the "+ Create Subscription” button at the top right-hand corner of the screen.

Sales dashboard on Swipe Billing App

Step 2: Fill in the customer’s details.

You can select existing customers from the drop down list or add new customers by typing in their details manually.

Customer Details

Step 3: Fill in the Product details.

You can select existing products from the drop down list or add new products by typing in their details manually.

To add more products, click on “+ Add New Product”, which will add new item rows.

Also, click on “+ Add to bill” and add the rest of the product details like quantity, category, discount, etc.

(And fill in the necessary details like start date, end date,Time Interval, etc)

Product Details

Step 4: Fill in the other required details.

Add additional charges (if applicable any) and create or edit notes as well as terms and conditions

Additional charges, notes, terms and conditions

Step 5: Add your signature and click on save.

Your Subscription/recurring invoice will be ready and you can share it via WhatsApp, SMS or Email it to your customer from the sales invoice dashboard.

Save subscription / Recurring Invoice, Swipe

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