How to create E-way bill on Web?

Please go to Sales>>Invoices>>Search invoice>>Click on “More”>>Create E-way bill>>Select/Enter all required details>>Click on “Create E-way bill”.

  1. “HSN Codes” are mandatory for all products in EwayBills.
  2. If you are getting an “Invalid HSN Code” error, see if the HSN code exists in the GST Database. (
  3. The invoice number should be less than “13 characters”.
  4. From and To “Pincodes” are mandatory.
  5. If you do not have “PART-B details” (like Vehicle Number & mode of transportation), only enter “TRANSPORTER ID” and nothing else.
  6. Vehicle Number should be in “KA99MH9999” format.
  7. If you are getting an “Invalid Distance” error, please calculate the exact distance by going to this Link
  8. “For Exports” Select/Enter the port shipping address
  9. “For Exports” Enter the distance up to the port
  10. “For Long Form” You can check in the ewaybill portal and you will get “Short Form” after creation in the ewaybills section. Both are accepted while transporting goods.

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