What are the available options to connect with Swipe Support?

Are you facing any trouble or unable to figure out how to make things fit in the box while using the most user-friendly application that has ever taken birth on the internet?

Worry not! We’ve got you covered. Whether it’s a small doubt about how to open a swipe or a complex query regarding tally integration or any other billing-related issue, our customer support team is here to help.

We have the best and most skilled personnel available to assist you with ANYTHING related to our software.

How to connect faster ?

Tell us about your Query , I assure you we are good listeners waiting to help you.
You can connect with us through our

  1. In app support chat.
  2. Write us a email to Help@getswipe.in & Emergency@getswipe.in
    … many more platforms.

For our valued premium customers, we offer exclusive chat assistance with round-the-clock services based on priority. We are committed to providing the best support possible to ensure your experience with our software is seamless and stress-free.

Happy Swipe-ing :grin: