How to create an SMS campaign on the Web?

To create an SMS campaign please follow the below mentioned steps :

Step 1: Go to “Campaigns”.

Select the “campaigns” option from the dashboard on the left.

go to campaigns

Now click on “+Create Campaign,” present at the top right corner of the screen.

click on create campaign

Step 2: Fill in the campaign details.

A pop-up appears. Here, Select “SMS campaign”

click on SMS campaign

Now, choose the template from either festivals or offers, enter the details specified in the template, and click on “Next”, present at the bottom of the screen.

enter the required details

Step 3: Select the customers

Select the customers you would like to send SMS to as part of the campaign and click on “Next”, present at the bottom of the screen.

( You can also send to all customers by clicking on the “Send to all Customers” option from the navbar.)

select the customers

Step 4: Create an “SMS campaign.

Now, enter the campaign name and click on “Create SMS Campaign Now.”

(You can also schedule the messages by clicking on “Schedule SMS Campaign” and selecting the date and time.)

click on create SMS campaign now

Congratulations, You have successfully created an SMS campaign and a pop-up appears on top of the screen informing the same.

Note: You can check the status of your SMS campaign under the campaigns dashboard.

SMS campaign created succesfully